Intensive Remote School in Theoretical Linguistics

Dal 24.01.2022 al 29.01.2022


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18th of December 2021

The IRS offers the most recent perspectives on phonology, syntax and semantics within a generative framework, in a remote format aimed at graduate students of linguistics.

Fifteen scholars will offer three hour lectures each on the most recent results of their research.

The School is free with selective admission. A certificate of attendance will be issued.


The Linguistic Flash-mob.

Teachers for the ‘21/’22 academic year:
L. Bafile (Unifi)
G. Bocci (Unisi)
S. Cruschina (Univ. of Helsinki)
D. Delfitto (Univr)
C. Gianollo (Unibo)
A. Giorgi (Unive)
C. Guardiano (Unimore)
M.T. Guasti & F. Arosio (Unimib)
M.R. Manzini (Unifi)
A. Moro (IUSS University School)
D. Passino (Univ. Côte d’Azur)
C. Poletto (Unipd)
E. Sanfelici (Unipd)
A. Tomaselli (Univr)
R. Zamparelli (Unitn).  

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24-29 January 2022