Research lines

Well-established research lines at DiSLL cover the following specific domains:

  • Italian Studies and Italian Philology
  • Comparative Literature and Theory of Literature
  • Italian Linguistics, History of the Italian language, Italian Metrics and Stylistics
  • Romance Philology
  • Mediaeval and Renaissance Latin Literature
  • Ancient Greek Language and Literature
  • Byzantine Philology
  • Germanic Philology
  • Slavic Philology
  • Historical and General Linguistics
  • English and Anglo-American Languages, Literature and Cultures
  • Germanic Languages, Literature and Cultures
  • French Languages, Literature and Cultures
  • Castilian and Latin American Spanish Languages, Literature and Cultures
  • European and Brazilian Portuguese Language and Literature
  • Galician Language and Literature
  • Romanian Language and Literature
  • Slavic studies –Russian, Serbian and Croatian, Slovenian, Czech and Slovak, Polish Language and Literature
  • Hungarian Language and Literature
  • Drama and Theatre, Music, Television and Audiovisual Media Studies

DiSLL also promotes research into fields such as Intercultural Studies, Gender and Post-Colonial Studies, Translation Studies, Literary and Specialized Translation, Media Studies, Corpus Linguistics and E-learning.
Research lines are directly connected with the activity that is carried out by numerous research groups and within the framework of either European (e.g. ERC – Starting Grant) or national (e.g. PRIN, FIRB, regional funding opportunities, etc.) projects.